Webhook Setup

Step 1: Get your Webhook ID

In the next window, use the values generated to create a new webhook destination and retrieve the required "Webhook ID" value.

In your Databricks console go to settings > workspace admin > notifications. On the notifications page go to notification destinations > manage > add destination. Set the following parameters in the "Create a new destination" panel in the Databricks console:

  • Name: "Sync Computing"

  • Username: Copy the "username" generated above

  • Password: Copy the "password" generated above

  • URL: Copy the "url" generated above

After your webhook destination is generated. Click to re-open your webhook, and copy the webhook ID below.

Step 2: Paste your webhook ID and Add your workspace

Paste the webhook ID into the "Add Databricks Workspace" panel in the Gradient platform. Click "Add" to complete the setup!

If you have any issues adding your workspace, or need to delete a workspace, please contact Sync at support@synccomputing.com. Deleting workspaces in Gradient will be supported soon.

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