Development Clones

Step 1: Clone your Production jobs into your DEV environment

Clone your current Production jobs into a development environment, including the input data and any other dependencies.

Step 2: Onboard those DEV jobs onto Gradient

Onboard these development jobs into Gradient through the standard job import methods.

Step 3: Enable auto-apply

Be sure to enable auto-apply so the Gradient recommendations can be automatically applied during each iteration.

Step 4: Run your jobs 5-10 times to find an optimal point

Run each of yoru jobs up to 10 times to complete both learning and optimizing phases of the Gradient algorithm. Support scripts like the auto-training notebook can be used to speed up this process.

Step 5: Review and select your ideal configuration

Once optimization is complete, review the configurations and select the one that matches your busines needs. Copy the cluster configurations to your production jobs.

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