Project Settings

To access the Project Settings, click on the "Edit settings" button located in the upper right corner of the Project Details page.

Configure Settings

The Project Setting allow you to set the recommendation configurations for your project:

  • SLA - Set these values if you have an SLA that you want Gradient to consider when making optimization recommendations. Typically longer SLAs will allow for Gradient to find lower cost cluster configurations. Shorter SLAs may cause higher cost recommendations. No matter what SLA is specified, Gradient will always try to find the lowest cost cluster.

  • Maintain Scaling Type - If enabled, Gradient will maintain the same Autoscaling option as the original job settings. Meaning, if Autoscaling is enabled, Gradient will provide a recomendation with Autoscaling (e.g. Autoscaling --> Autoscaling). If disabled, Gradient may recommend to switch scaling types (e.g. Autoscaling --> Fixed Cluster)

  • Auto-Apply Recommendations - If enabled, Gradient will automatically update the Databricks Job's cluster configurations with the latest generated recommendation.

The Project Settings page also allows you to Delete the Project.

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