Manual single job import

To manually import a single job and avoid supplying Databricks credentials into the Gradient UI, follow the instructions below

1. Go to the single job import

In the Import Databricks Jobs page, click on the "create a project for Databricks" link

2. Create a single Databricks project

Fill in the project name, an optional description, and select your cloud provider in the drop down.

3. Go to your project details

You should see your newly created project in the Projects page. Click on the "View/Edit" button in the same row as your project.

In the blank project page, find the project-id in the upper right hand corner. Copy your project-id to your clipboard

4. Use the CLI to on-board a Databricks job to the project

Using the Sync CLI, run the command below to on-board and connect a Databricks job to the newly created Project above

sync-cli workspaces onboard-job <workspace-id> <job-id> <project>

The parameters and where to find them are below:

  • <workspace-id> - is the "o" parameter on your Databricks URL

  • <job-id> - the Databricks job-id of the job you want to on-board, can be found in the Databricks console

  • <project> - The Sync project-id, can be found in the Gradient console in the project page

Example output:

% sync-cli workspaces onboard-job /
879201124341048 /
76937135246466 /
Workflow synchronized

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